Watching ‘The Boys’? This Prime Video Feature Is a Treat for Fans

Watching 'The Boys'? This Prime Video Feature Is a Treat for Fansthby-s4-ut-404-221102-savjas-00378-r1-3000.jpg

Season 4 of The Boys is here, and it’s as bloody, dark and satirical as one would expect. If you’ve already grabbed some popcorn (Vought-corn?) and started watching, you may’ve noticed a familiar feature when you paused or tapped the screen.

Like a human-altering substance out of the show, Prime Video’s X-Ray tool grants an ability not held by the average TV show binger: the power to instantly dismiss nagging thoughts about actors and music while streaming a title. The IMDB-powered feature delivers valuable details and spares you a Google search. While I was watching latest season of The Boys, X-Ray helped me remember that I’d seen Rosemarie DeWitt, the actress who plays Hughie’s mom, in the 2016 musical La La Land, and led to the discovery that “Let’s Put the Christ Back in Christmas” is on music streaming platforms. Fingers crossed it makes its way onto holiday playlists.

Beyond those benefits, a key advantage of X-Ray when it comes to The Boys season 4 is trivia. As highlighted in this popular post on X, if you’re a Boys superfan, overlooking this component of X-Ray is completely diabolical. The offering lets viewers in on improvised lines and throws in well-timed tidbits, such as that Rob Benedict, who plays Firecracker’s pal in the infamous episode 2 sauna scene, studied Shakespeare at Northwestern.

Six episodes into season 4, the Prime Video show has continued the overarching battle between morally corrupt superheroes and the vigilantes aspiring to take them down. If you love The Boys and don’t mind spending a few extra minutes with each episode, here’s how to catch every piece of trivia Prime Video has to offer. 

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Prime Video X-Ray: How to view every piece of The Boys season 4 trivia

So you’re watching an episode of The Boys season 4 and want to activate X-Ray? Pressing up on a TV remote, tapping the screen on a mobile device or moving your cursor on a web browser will bring the feature up on your screen for a brief time. 

Depending on the part of the episode, X-Ray could provide details about cast members, songs and even trivia. You could repeat this throughout your binge to your liking, but if you want to catch every last bit of trivia, you’ll probably need to take a different approach. Here’s what I recommend. 

  1. Watch your episode of The Boys season 4 in full on your preferred device. You can keep X-Ray use to a minimum.

  2. When you’re done, you’ll want to tap the X-Ray feature specifically for trivia purposes. If you’re on a laptop, move your cursor and click on “X-Ray IMDB” or “All” in the top-left corner. If you’re on a TV, press up on the remote a second time and select “X-Ray.” If you’re on a mobile device, switch out of landscape.

  3. Navigate to the “trivia” tab. Now for the fun part. Expand a piece of trivia and X-Ray will give you the option to not just read it but go directly to the part of the episode it applies to with “Jump to scene.” You can use this to easily rewatch key scenes with the freshly acquired context in mind.

X-Ray PV X-Ray PV

The trivia tab in the Prime Video app on Roku.

Meara Isenberg/CNET

  1. You may be able to access bonus content videos for The Boys season 4 under the “Bonus Content” tab, depending on what kind of device you’re using

  2. Not every Prime Video title includes trivia, but you can still use X-Ray in other ways. If you’re trying to identify a song, X-Ray will even tell you the minute marker. For more on what Amazon’s streamer has to offer, check out our review. 

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