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A case study is a record of research in the development of a particular group or person or even a situation over a period of time. Basically it is a research methodology that is commonly used by researchers and students as well. This research methodology investigates a type of phenomenon within a context that is of real life. It is important to note that a case study is an explanatory analysis of a group or an event.
A case study might take four different forms which include: Critical, Cumulative, Illustrative and Explanatory. Notably, case studies can be done using a formal research method. Case study as a research methodology is seen in social and life sciences. Case studies are an effective marketing tool that helps in engaging customers and not just any kind of customers but potential ones and helps them in building trust. Case studies are qualitative in nature but can also incorporate quantitative data as a part of a mixed method design.
Case studies are very important especially to businesses since they use them as a marketing staple. The businesses use case studies to show them how their products and goods as well as services have been successfully implemented by customers.
In order to have a well compelled case study, you need to make sure that:
1. You tell a clear and well composed story about your solution.
2. You need to be concise and very vivid.
3. You ought to have a backup of your plans and claims.
Here is how you conduct a good academic case study:
 A background research performance. Perform a background research.
 Observation. Find out how to conduct an obtrusive observation.
 Make some notes and write them down objectively.
 Carry out interviews that will help you effectively.
 You have to stay rigorous to your work objectively.
 After you have carried out the interviews, you collect all the data and analyses it to get the end result.
 Lastly, you write down your final report of the case study.
A case study as a research method depends on a single case and not a population or a sample. Case studies are very useful in the early stages of research when there is a goal to explore ideas and tests. Case study research methodology is important in the fields of sociology, anthropology, psychology, education, political science, clinical science, social work and administrative science. The uniqueness of case study research methodology in social sciences is its focus of study on a single entity like a person, group, organization, event or person. Most times when the researchers use the case study research method, they focus on a case that is exceptional since it is possible to learn a lot about social
relationships and social forces when studying the things that deviate from the norms, the do’s and the don’ts. Case study research methodology has been used since the early 20th century.
A case study helps in bringing the understanding of a whole complex issue or objects and is produced in form of research.needs and follow all your instructions.

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