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A review is also known as an analysis or an appraisal. It is mostly done with an aim of making changes on previous researched findings and is usually after rethinking about something. It is an assessment of someone else’s work or piece of writing by making a well explained and stated summary.

Reviews can be literature reviews or even critical reviews. For instance, one would decide to do a movie review or a game review just to evaluate its contents or the whole periodical. One can review literally anything so long as one has found the correct outlet to give their ideas depending on the type of audience you target and the content you are writing about. A review should have an introduction, Body, Conclusion and a literature cited.

When writing a review there are a few things that will help you stay in line with your topic and avoid going out of content. They include: A thesis, Likes and Dislikes and a recommendation.
A thesis is important because it helps the writer to be familiar with the general message that he or she wants to put across. The writer needs to have a simple thesis that really helps keeping the review that are doing from going out of topic.

The likes and dislikes, are as well important in crediting your work. It is advisable to include a positive idea all through rather than have a dislike that could cause a discredit of your work. Most glowing reviews do not include any kind of dislikes.

Lastly, a recommendation of your work is one of the very first things that people would see when checking out the work that you have done. Most likely the more the recommendations the more likely your will attract an audience. When writing a review it would be wise to leave behind a written statement that is probably a short explanation which would make your audience quench for more and more content of your publication.

When you are writing a book review it is wise to have in mind that the book you choose to review was once someone else’s heart, soul, mind, love and efforts all poured out into that book through writing. Express your views in a very genuine way, be honest about your opinions and be careful not to put across a nasty idea that would criticize what was written earlier. When doing any type of a review always put yourself in the shoes of the writer and try to imagine if someone would ever decide to review your work or publications, what kind of critiques would you want them to put across and how? Once you have answered yourself that kind of question then decided on the answer then one has all the rights to go ahead and do a review.

When writing a movie review, most importantly state what the movie caught your mind with or how you really did not get the flow and content of the movie because of a few or many things that you would like to have corrected or looked into and give reasons explaining why you had that feel. When writing your explanations, try to really avoid nasty or vague statements, phrases or words. It would actually be better when you give precise details so as to be very specific on your review.

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