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Reports are usually delivered orally or in form of written documents. Usually, a report is used to present information in a much systematized way in order to reach the expectations of a precise audience or a specified purpose. There are several types of reports which include: Scientific reports, Class reports, Sports reports, Work reports and Business reports which all have similar basic writing steps.

A report entails a sequence of events that are put down in form of writing to give a summary of a certain situation or event of a research. A report is designed in a way that it gives the people trying to read your research findings an easy time understanding the information in it even quickly. A report should have an introduction, body, conclusion and recommendations.

The introduction that one writes helps to bring out what exactly the writer plans to out across and give a summary of the topic they want to discuss. The introduction should have a brief summary of the conclusion as well.

The body of a report is the main part of a report. It entails all the required information, data analysis, discussion of the problem. The body of a report should be organized in a way that when a reader sits down to go through what is written he or she is able to understand the whole issue in a flow such that one idea connects to the next idea and all statements made yield up to defining the whole information expressed.

When writing a report, it is always advisable to break down your work into sections .In each section make sure that the theme intended to be brought into explanation is clearly explained to avoid difficulty in understanding your findings. Regardless of writing down your report work in form of sections, every information presented in those different sections should relate and go hand in hand with the main idea that is being discussed.
The conclusion contains all the implications that the writer draws from his or her research or even from an experiment’s results. A writer can as well decide to include the recommendations in his or her conclusion.

The recommendations include suggestions on what can be done to improve what was not achieved but it should be precise, quantifiable and attainable. If at all the recommendations touch on the financial costs and insinuations then it is always wise to state them clearly and even provide an estimate of the budget and costs used.

A report should aim at providing very clear information that is easy to read even by somebody who has very little or no knowledge at all on the area of study discussed. To achieve this, the writer needs to check on the language; it should be easy language with not very long words but rather short self-explanatory statements. I f the writer must include some difficult words; they should provide an explanations as they are used in the subject area of discussion.
Another very important thing to consider when writing a report is the audience you target. This will even help in recognizing your audience with due respect or even acknowledging their areas of jurisdiction.

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