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A presentation is a process by which a certain topic is presented to a specific audience. A good presentation should be quite memorable. A presentation can be in form of a speech, lecture, demonstration or an introduction that is usually used to inspire and motivate so as to present a new idea or a new product. A good presentation should be memorable and motivating since they always have a story to tell. Storytelling is a technique of a good presentation that helps to keep the audience alert and engaged all the way to the end.


When doing a presentation is very important to groom accordingly so as to attract the attention of the audience in the intended way. The audience will definitely associate your dressing with the kind of presentation you are about to make. The two go hand in hand.


Grooming and dressing too should be inspired by the type of presentation you want to make, the message of the presentation and the main theme as well. Like a presentation about music festivals and drama would demand an outfit that portrays the themes being presented.


The very first step to a successful presentation is to brainstorm your ideas and combine them all in order to come up with a rough draft. The message that you want to present to your audience is very crucial and important hence the best way to do it is to decide whether the message is entertaining, inspiring, persuasive or informative. For instance in a business presentation you might need a message that is informative, entertaining and persuasive depending on the type of business.


The main message of the presentation should be easy to understand right from the title to the introduction to the body and to the conclusion. The presenter needs to also find an appropriate wording of what he or she wants to give the audience. Once you have figured out the main direction that your presentation will take, it becomes easy to write down your ideas and have them flow all along by creating an outline of all the points you intend to cover. Once you are done with outlining your ideas what follows is structuring the presentation. Here, is where you bring about the story telling aspect and all the ideas and information that you had gathered in your draft need some kind of attitude so as to get your message across as intended.


There are different styles of storytelling structures that really work well for presentations but one needs to choose the one that works best with the message you want to present and also according to the type of your audience. These storytelling styles include: Story and Fact, The type of explanation, The pitch and Intonations, The Drama, The Situation Complication and Resolution, The Situation Opportunity and Resolution and finally The Hook, Meat and Payoff.


Presentation skills are very crucial in doing presentations since once you got the skills you get to do an awesome presentation. The skills of a presentation cover areas like; The structure, the design of the slides one uses, the tone of your voice and the body language that you convey during your presentation.
Notably, one should always bear in mind the purpose of their presentation so that they have the best way to go about it and bring out how it can be assessed. It is always important to make sure that you cover all the essential information and also make sure that it is brought across clearly to the audience.

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