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When writing a speech, you must research on your topic very well. A good speech whether informative or persuasive, must be well researched. Researching on your speech helps give you credibility and it makes your points more convincing. Some of the sources one would use to research and find information to support your claims are; academic journals, books, newspapers, articles and websites. A good speech entails an introduction, the main points and the conclusion.

One needs to make an outline that is inclusive of the main points and the main argument of your speech. There are several types of speeches;

There are quite a variety of topics to choose when preparing for a speech. The best topics to do speeches about would actually be the current affairs, things that affect the society on a day to day basis and the actual things and happenings in our day to day lives. Most Public speakers are very good at giving speeches that meet what they want to accomplish.

When preparing for a speech here are the key things that would really help in making a good speech: First, write down the main points of the speech on a piece of paper, recite the points once or twice and make sure that the main points are very vivid and on your fingertips, this helps to ensure that you don’t omit any points and that you don’t keep repeating yourself.

Second, recite the speech to your friend or in front of a mirror. This helps you build your confidence and helps you rectify on any points that you’d feel are not being brought out clearly as you’d wish them to be. By reciting the speech prior to a friend will even help you learn how to keep eye contact with your audience and even ensure that your audience is fully engaged and attentive to the speech. This also helps in practicing on the spellings and even finding relevant examples that go hand in hand with the flow of your speech.

Thirdly, decide on the dress code, the type of outfit that you decide to do should be in correspondent to the theme of your speech. One could even decide to wear a costume. At least make sure the outfit is comfortable and easy on your body in a way that it doesn’t draw the attention of the audience to other things. Avoid exaggerating the look, like jewelry and make up. Avoid an outfit that will expose your curves, cleavage and other sensitive body parts. The shoes you decide to wear to wear should also be comfortable and easy to move around in them.

When presenting your speech, make sure you are audible and you are keeping an eye contact with your audience. Be humorous and vary the intonations of your speech. Involve your audience by even using rhetorical questions. Let your audience feel your presentation and get the intended message. When giving examples in your speech presentation ensure that you use a common ground for the sake of the different social classes of your audience. This will make your speech presentation very interesting and enticing that you will always leave the audience thirsty for more.

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